About Us

About Us

Robin Sussingham – Host

Robin is the host and senior producer of The Zest. She’s earned multiple awards for reporting on science, health, the environment, culture and education.

Robin is an avid home cook and baker, and even owned a popular cookie delivery business, Cookie Jones (“Jones-ing” for cookies. Get it?).  After An Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan rocked her world, she started a local produce business. Other passionate endeavors have included making marshmallows and lollipops, and – ironically, and briefly – going Keto.

She’s hosted a daily call-in show in Salt Lake City, reported at a newspaper in north Texas, and covered many national stories for NPR, as well as publications like Newsday , the Times of London , the Tampa Bay Times , Epicurious and others.  She has an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Duke University and a Masters Degree in Journalism from New York University.  Her most important project has been raising her three lovely sons, whom she loves to feed!

Robin thinks Florida is the most fascinating place to tell stories, and she has reported on things like giant invasive lizards, how to run from an alligator (do not serpentine!) and the best wood for making smoked mullet.

A Florida native, she loves warm weather and everything that goes with it – Dark and Stormies, ice cream, beach breezes and a day on the water. If you get her started talking about books, she’ll never shut up.

Dalia Colón – Producer

Dalia has been experimenting in the kitchen since she was tall enough to reach the stove, secretly frying up French toast while her mother napped.  

Dalia is a vegetarian, and she has won over countless omnivores with her roasted chickpeas. Dalia has also won some professional honors; her multimedia work has been recognized by the Suncoast Regional Emmys, Florida Associated Press Broadcasters, Telly Awards, Tampa Bay Association of Black Journalists and more. Dalia has served as assistant editor at Cleveland Magazine, entertainment reporter for the Tampa Bay Times, and health and features reporter for WUSF. Her freelance creds include NPR, the New York Times Magazine, AOL, Visit Florida, the Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times and others. 

In addition to her work on The Zest, Dalia is also associate producer and co-host ofWEDU Arts Plus on Tampa Bay’s PBS television station. 

Dalia holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ohio University, where she perfected the art of the dorm room burrito because the nearest Chipotle was 90 miles away. While earning her master’s degree in Spanish education at Kent State University, she subsisted on packets of oatmeal. 

Today, Dalia makes her oatmeal from scratch. And she looks forward to the day when her young children, Norah and Benji, are tall enough to reach the stove, because she has a perpetual craving for French toast… and naps.