New to Podcasting? Here’s How to Start Listening to a Podcast

This symbol of a white dot emitting sound waves is an example of an RSS symbol.  This icon indicates that you can click on it to listen and/or subscribe to a podcast.  You’ll see this on most podcasts’ websites and elsewhere.  Find your favorite podcast streaming service by clicking the buttons below or searching in your device’s app store. 

Listening to The Zest Podcast is free and most podcast players a free, too! You can also download the free WUSF Public Media App to live stream your favorite WUSF and WSMR programming.

Podcasts are like a digital radio station or audio library with access to information around the world.  They are an amazing way to hear content on subjects that interest you. Whether its music, news, lectures, or purely for entertainment, podcasting is becoming the preferred way to enjoy information while relaxing, multi-tasking, or on-the-go.

Where can you listen to podcasts?  On your iPhone, Android, Tablet, PC, portable media device, Amazon Echo Device, or in your car.

Podcasting in 5 Easy Steps 

Step 1: Open your device’s app store or visit your favorite podcast app website, such as iTunesGoogle PlaySpotifyStitcher, etc. If you have an Apple product, a podcast app is likely already installed on your phone. 

 If you have an Amazon Echo, you may find this webpage helpful (this is not an endorsement for their content).
Step 2: Choose and install a Podcast app.  We recommend picking an app with good reviews that you find easy to use.  There are many free or paid options. Some apps also offer a commercial-free plan, upgraded plans or premium plans. 
Step 3: Open the Podcast app and explore the Podcast Catalog to find podcasts that may interest you. Some apps will require you to sign-up or sign-in.  There is usually a browse or search feature. Tip: There are more than a quarter million podcasts so you can explore using the trending suggestions, research online, or ask friends for recommendations.
Step 4: Listen and Subscribe to the podcasts that you like. Most podcast apps allow you to download your podcast files so you can listen to them while offline or to stream them on demand. Subscribing helps keep you up-to-date on new releases from your favorite podcasts.
Step 5: Tell a friend about your experience so that you can explore podcasting with others. Word of mouth is the best way to find new podcasts to enjoy.

Podcasting FAQ